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Your Thoughts Are Your Prayers

Your Thoughts Are Your Prayers Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. We're here. Give me a moment, okay? I'm going to try to explain to you the process that you are going through individually.

You've heard of karma. Well, this is a little bit beyond karma. You are on one side of a portal, you are on the other side of a portal, and you are in the middle of the portal. Now the energy comes down through the portal to the middle you in the portal, down to the physical you on this side of the portal. And what you don't understand yet is every word you speak and say is a prayer.

You're going to learn to walk in prayer. Pick one. It doesn't matter. It's the attitude of the prayer. On one level, it matters because you'll eventually figure out you're supposed to know what you're doing here. This is really happening, ladies and gentlemen. This is not a YouTube video you're watching or participating in, we'll say. You're in the process of becoming who you are — your self — receiving information, yes, in the heart chakra, yes, from the answer to your thoughts going through the middle portal of you to the God force of you (we'll call it the Divine force, the Father's force) that is always answering your prayers. It's always answering your prayers.