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Your Moment Is in the Intensity

Your Moment Is in the Intensity Rebecca Dawson

Greetings to you. We are with you. You are experiencing an intensification of that which occurs between light particles. There is a magnetic force there akin to propulsion, which is the movement of the universe. The propulsion between light particles is like a buildup of pressure and then a release, and the intensity of that propulsion has been increasing significantly in the past weeks. We are giving you this information because now you are going to really feel it.

What is the propulsion energy about? It is about rapid change, and this is experienced when there is intensity. Humans have a natural inclination to move away from intensity. So an increase in the rate of propulsion among light particles means that your experience of that buildup of pressure and then release also increases.

How does this manifest in your reality? It is an intense desire for change [pressure] followed by relief back into comfort [release]. For some of you, the relief comes because you have taken action with that desire to change, but the relief for many of you is in your inaction.