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Your Choices Define Who You Are and Your Place in the Universe

Your Choices Define Who You Are and Your Place in the Universe Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again my partner steps aside, and what follows is new information. The message is combined with information I've been giving you for more than two decades, but there is now a completion of this phase of knowledge.

In Tibetan numerology, the year 2018 is a master number. It adds up to 11, and the meaning of this number is illumination. So it's like an invitation for this year to be the one when the light is turned on in many minds about what is truly happening for the planet. Today, I give you very esoteric but profound information that speaks about you and who you are. It speaks of a new paradigm of Human Beings.

The study this weekend has been scientific and esoteric. Those in this audience have received something that most do not — a combination of energies. It's a combination of science and what you call spirituality that then blurs this whole study in a way that some have to ask, "What really is the difference between them?" So I'll say it again: If you believe that God or a Creative Source created the planet, then that Creative Source logically has to be the master physicist. Everything you're looking at and studying is the creation from an intelligent outside source; therefore, your science is the study of what this Creative Source did.