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You Have Always Been an Embodied Creator

You Have Always Been an Embodied Creator The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

As we move from enlightenment into ascension physics, are we really creating new codes and angelic senses, or have these creations always existed?

Masters, you have always been creators and still are your own creation, which contains every potential that has ever existed or will exist inside embodied love. Your hearts are the sound of the infinite breath. Yes, infinite beings, you are the core creations of your embodied love that lives inside your consciousnesses. Everything created in your moment of creation still exists, and you are returning to your heart's core to reexperience it in the enlightened awareness of how the passion of your inner universe turned out.

Did your I Am soul presence being become all the potentials and expressions that were dormant in your love's source gem-codes essence expression? Have you returned to your core light as a divine cosmic creator? Are you aware you are your own creator? Is whatever you create inside your heart's imagination a direct experience of your creation? "I imagine, and so it is." Does your energy field, or garment of light, sustain your projection of you as a divine human in this new bio-light cycle? Have you allowed the realization that you are a cosmic parent of your inner cosmic child and that its divine love is creation also?