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Welcome the Matriarchal Light

Welcome the Matriarchal Light Mother Mary through Karinna Nielsen

I was pleasantly surprised to channel a message from Mother Mary about the renewed presence and the balanced love of the matriarchal weave. In this channeling, she speaks of the "year of balance, 2018." The numbers in 2018 add up to a 2, which is the number for balance in Lemurian numerology. I find it a perfect theme for this year, as the energy of the yin-yang in our third-dimensional world strives for higher levels of balance.

In love, I greet you, and I say that there is a new awareness of love available to you now. In this great shift in consciousness, you have come to a level that can interact with spiritual guidance in more profound ways, and some of you are feeling this. There is a vibration of love that has not been felt on this planet for tens of thousands of years, and it is awakening in the hearts of the people to assist in the shift of the entire planetary consciousness. It is time. You now have access to the matriarchal light.

A Wise and Balanced Weave of Light and a New Energy

The matriarchal light is an aspect of the Divine Feminine associated with what the native people of many lands would call the archetypal energy of the grandmother, the wise elder, or in the Hawaiian language, the kupuna. It is a weave of love that will prevail on Earth, and should you choose, you can also surround yourself in this energy for your daily encounters.