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The Waters Will Clear

The Waters Will Clear Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, you are moving through what seems like a very difficult time. Many of your values that you took for granted as basic human rights are being challenged and framed as weak and evil. Core ideals of human dignity and freedom are confronted with extreme beliefs that seem to threaten the very fabric that holds your societies together.

Many of you despair because it seems that the world is losing hope. On the other hand, many look at life through the lens of optimism that does not accurately reflect the state of affairs playing out on the planet. The lies and deceptions that have controlled your society are being exposed so that they can no longer be ignored. Your technologies, especially social media, are revealing how easily humans are manipulated to form ideas that pit the human family against one another. With this understanding, do you use this knowledge for the greater good? When you see this, do you choose to move beyond your own thoughts? Do you choose to release staying in a state of mass hypnosis that has compelled you to believe one way simply because it is more comfortable?

For many of you, seeing the many layers of manipulation that have been falsely advertised as free choice causes a deep level of stress and discomfort. You fear the worst and hope for the best, but you do not see how things can resolve without more human pain and suffering forcing the issue.