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Upshifting in the Crystal Vortex

Upshifting in the Crystal Vortex Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings. I am Metatron, lord of light, and I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We encompass each of you in a vector of unconditional love within crystalline light. It is 2018, year six of the New Earth, the crystalline shift. And there is much movement because the transition is quickening.

Dear ones, we understand that the upshift has not been easy. You are in an overlapping phase of the old and new. The dichotomy is difficult because polarity is extreme. Earth's gravity is in an unusual low cycle. The planet's polar magnetics are oscillating in extreme electromagnetic distortions. These factors are influencing your emotions and creating phases of challenge.

Much is occurring around you as the planetary gravities and magnetics waiver into anomalous lows as the earthen resonance and grid continue to adjust from magnetic into crystalline. In these times of low flux gravitation and magnetic reduction, masses of humanity are out of sync and feel uncertain, confused, anxious, and out of balance. In this rather chaotic timing of frequencial imbalance and polarity extremes, it is essential not to lose equilibrium, not to lose faith, and not to fall into dread, apathy, or depression. There are contrapositional heterolateral energy streams broadsiding the planet. For the masses of humankind, the lows can be extremely low. The higher positive stream requires determined effort to access and consistently maintain. In this time of topsy-turvy chaos and extremes, there is an asymmetrical aspect in which the positive and negative fields are widely separated. The two repel.