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Tools to Access Intuition

Tools to Access Intuition Jenine Beecher

Learning to recognize the voice of our intuition takes practice and patience. Our days are filled with appointments and tasks. We feel scattered and disconnected from the compass of our guidance. Fortunately, there are tools to help us become quiet and still so that we can hear our intuition's messages.

Hear Your Inner Voice

Spend time in nature: If you're feeling frazzled and find yourself screaming, "Give me a sign!" then take a hike. At the trailhead, put all challenges on hold, and as you walk, notice the details of your surroundings. Is there frost on the leaves, puddles in the mud, or light streaming through the trees?

Compile the story of this habitat. Notice the harmony created through balance, and absorb the peace. Consciously open up to any intuitive messages. The voice of intuition is quiet and confident, matching the balance created through harmony in nature.