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Seduced by the Illusion of Separation

Seduced by the Illusion of Separation Carolyn Gervais

From the beginning on Gaia, your human species separated the two most powerful aspects of energy — that of the feminine and masculine — which was needed to propagate the Homo sapiens who later evolved into modern-day humans. Creating larger populations better insured the survival of the species. Back then, the males protected their families and hunted to provide food and skins. They also learned how to control fire. The females were there to have babies, gather and prepare food, and raise children. Both males and females played their parts and did the jobs they were born to do. The females were subservient to males because it took time for early humankind to develop love and kindness since they were in survival mode all the time.

Because the males played the role of provider and seducer for eons, those characteristics are still a strong part of the human male brain, locked in the DNA. This dominating characteristic must transform into a more inclusive point of view where women are seen as equals, not prey, who are just as worthy of respect as men.

Too many males in the workplace are easily distracted when attractive women are in front of them. All a woman might want is to resolve a situation that pertains to business when her male coworker's thoughts of how attractive she is take him off track, distracting him from his job. And all too often, this leads to inappropriate words and actions. As with all major human and Earth shifts, the extremes of male-female duality appear to be much more intense, chaotic, and out of control at this stage of your evolution, sometimes to the point of insanity.