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The Rebirth of the Galactic Human

The Rebirth of the Galactic Human Inspired Information through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

All people on Earth hold a truth that lives deep in the fabric of their souls. It is a truth that is so interwoven that they cannot separate from it. It is a truth that is as sharp as a sword but also as gentle and loving as a mother's touch. As we all expand the horizons of what we perceive to be truth in 2018, many layers of past truths are set free to become one with the all that seeks to become more light.

Truth is a living entity, always shape-shifting and aligning only with the evolution and elevation of the human soul. Truth is different for each species in God's universe. The human DNA has 144 strands of galactic truth that wind around our souls. As we evolve into a place of seeing truth from a higher perspective and more diverse angle, we will be escorted into a passageway of time showing us all the colors of each human truth displayed and displaced. The way we view these truths will shift in direct proportion to our ability to understand what seems foreign to our senses.

Truth scampers by us as a fleeting shadow on a wall. It speaks to us from the molecules within the water that we drink. Truth has become a cruel mistress lately, as she twists and turns like a steep mountain road, taking us to the edge of what we know ourselves to be to see who we will become.