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Prepare for Intense Personal Growth This Year

Prepare for Intense Personal Growth This Year Star Hinman

This year the planetary aspects and their attendant energies are lined up to produce a level of intensity in your personal lives and growth processes that you have not previously experienced, so be aware of this, and clear away as much of the old debris as is possible for you. By the term "old debris," we refer to painful memories, stored negative emotional patterns, self-destructive habits, erroneous beliefs, and all other things that do not contribute to your ability to maintain balance with your emotions and in personal lives. You will be extremely challenged to maintain your sense of equilibrium and well-being in your personal worlds, which many times might seem totally out of control.

This is a universal pattern that will affect everyone on the planet, so use this as an opportunity for growth. Many people will feel completely overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances. There is no way to be totally prepared for this, as it will be unique to each person.

The planetary energies and their effects on humanity are quite strong this year to promote growth through self-awareness and present unforeseen events and hitherto unknown circumstances. Some people will be totally surprised, as this will manifest quickly and unexpectedly. This is a year of change unlike anything you have seen. Therefore, some people will think that they must have done something wrong to bring about this occurrence. Quite the contrary. This will strongly affect people who have been diligent in clearing and refining their personal space. The more advanced you are, the more you will experience these changes that are designed to be beneficial in your lives.