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Open to Creative Solutions to Bolster Opportunity

Open to Creative Solutions to Bolster Opportunity Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Powerful, transformational, expansive energies influence all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions in April 2018. They bring with them explosive energies that wash away blocks, limitations, and fears from ages past, freeing movement toward new beginnings. Used with the figure 8 flow of balanced reciprocity, these flowing energies shall remove or dislodge blockages, attachments, and limiting beliefs, opening the soul heart to heal long-held wounds and bindings.

April 2018 is about forgiving and letting go of past resentments, grudges, and expectations. In releasing these frameworks in all relationships about all that is, it is possible to sense and know when the flow of empowering balanced reciprocity is feeding the heart, mind, body, and soul. With this discovery, you might empower connections that are nurturing, supportive, and energizing. This facilitates movement into the figure 8 flow of giving and receiving so that everything takes place in a smooth manner that brings greater joy, harmony, and bliss into life.

Empowered compassion for self and others now brings clarity to hopes, dreams, and desires as the projections of society, culture, family, ethnicity, and lineage are released, freeing the self from ancient bonds and bindings that no longer serve the human kingdom in life-affirming ways. The ability to change these limiting visions is possible as more members of the human kingdom choose to be present in themselves rather than function from projections, memories, and expectations. In being in the now, you are willing and able to formulate and create bridges of connection, cooperation, and communication based on truth rather than past fears, projections, and expectations.