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Goddess Lesson 1: Release Negative Thoughts

Goddess Lesson 1: Release Negative Thoughts Luanne

This is Supreme Creator Goddess. I come to you in love and to say hold on, dear ones. Your world is spinning off the dross of the past and absorbing all the light it (and you) can hold. It's a precarious position to be in on Earth in this time of transition. It seems as if you are a different person in a strange land, but you are more the real you than you have ever been on Earth to date. It feels strange because eons have passed since you were allowed access to the energies of who you really are, a great being of love. You vaguely remember love and the Creator, and you have searched eons for them. Now they are here for you to feel, live, and be, and you are afraid of them. I am here to remove your fears and to bring you peace for all times.

My great and splendid warriors of light and love, you are on the New Earth now. You are expert creators, and I need you to create a world of peace, joy, love, and light. Yes, you have turned the tide of Earth from destruction of humanity only to begin again, and now you have the opportunity to create as only you know how. All the past creating you have done on third-dimensional Earth is marvelous. Manifestations come easy to you, and you have the power of the universe behind you.

You delved into the far reaches of love as you were asked when you began, and now you know what hate is — a concept never dreamed of in heaven. You learned well how to create chaos, suffering, sadness, and grief. Greed was a particular lesson of separation.