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Celebrate Your Unique Being

Celebrate Your Unique Being Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

I find myself sitting by a reflection pond. The water is still, and as I gaze into it, I see the image of Mother Mary and feel her eminence and presence enfold me in the highest light, the highest love, and the highest truth. The beauty of her being is a gift to my heart.

Dearest children of Earth, I come forth today with all my love and ask each of you reading these words to feel this love deep in your hearts. There has never been a time on planet Earth that was as important as the time you find yourselves in now. This time is a precious opportunity for transformation and transmutation, a time to release the old paradigms that may be holding you back. This is the time to allow for transformation and to be bathed in the highest light of conversion and unconditional love.

I ask you to remember for a moment that within your body, mind, and spirit — the three bodies that make up what it means to be a spirit having a human experience — is the whole universe. Envision that you are the universe. Everything you think, each joy you experience, and each emotion you feel creates the universe that is you.