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Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life Lynn Buess

This will be a time of potential breakthrough for all humanity. This is especially true if people release some of the hidden technologies of human The vibration of this month celebrates life — that is, creation itself, evolution, and for us particularly, human life. Expect even more sci-fi-like announcements about AI, genetics, cosmology, and our place in the universe. It is a most likely numerical alignment for some type of global transcendent moment.

A mystical vision, an announced contact with life on other planets, or perhaps an extraordinary human effort could inspire (and possibly enlighten) the world. The possible downside is that since technology allows the fabrication of something that mimics such an extraordinary occasion, many can be duped by those who spread false hope to gain control.

This is a cycle in which students of light everywhere (who have been practicing growth and attunement) may be touched by an infusion of a higher cosmic vibration. With the incoming intensified higher light comes exposure of that which has been hidden in the darkness. More news than ever regarding corruption in high places, hidden sexual scandals and abuse, treason, and issues I've shared in these writings will burst on to the scene. More whistle blowers serving in midlevel and higher positions of power are willing to come forth with revelations that will be impossible for much of the programmed masses to fathom or accept.