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Become "God Realized"

Become "God Realized" Virginia Ellen

Something quite miraculous has occurred in my inner kingdom. While doing my yoga practice, suddenly I was suspended and enveloped in the most beautiful light. Many colors swirled around in my brain, and instantly I knew that I am and everything just is. This is living the law of allowing — no worry, no judgment, and no attachment to the outcome.

I have attained God realization through my yoga practice. When God realization is attained, everything is attained. I am consumed with the love of God. As I engage in my yoga practice, I plunge into the ocean of bliss and am bathed in its nectar. I have attained Christ consciousness as well as the attainment of the pure God-self.

As you practice this yoga, your love for the indwelling God will become all-encompassing, and it will not lead you astray. You will no longer betray yourself or another. The kindness and goodness of God is immeasurable.