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Animal Whisperer: Fireworks and Pets Don't Mix!

Animal Whisperer: Fireworks and Pets Don't Mix! Kim Malonie

When my sweet Lady Bianca was still with us, she used to shake uncontrollably during fireworks. Mind you, our fireworks were so close that my windows used to vibrate. There was nothing I could do or say to alleviate her fear or discomfort. It was heartbreaking to watch.

We now have a similar issue with Oliver. Although the New Year's fireworks were quite some distance away, he started shaking and trying to hide behind any furniture he could squeeze behind. Again, I held him close and talked to him to reassure him, but the shaking did not stop until the fireworks stopped.

Could you please ask Lady Bianca, Oliver, and all pets what they are experiencing? I don't think fireworks are going away. We all enjoy good fireworks; they are magical to watch. But what can we as caregivers do to eliminate the trauma animals go through? No doubt I am not the only person concerned about the issue.