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Akashic Answers: Mary Magdalene Energy

Akashic Answers: Mary Magdalene Energy Amanda Romania

Blessings to everyone. This month, I wanted to share the akashic answers connected to Mary Magdalene. At the Atlantis Center in Sedona, I am always assured that her energy is present when she appears in oracle readings or channelings for at least three people in one week.

There are often two personas in which she presents herself. The first is simply as Mary, a woman who walked Earth in biblical times, and I have to be careful I do not confuse her with Mother Mary. Then there are messages from the Magdalene that feel like a higher level of self-energy. She is a master who is very focused on helping women and is a feminine presence that supports us all on Earth.

I have had Mary Magdalene come through in many meditations and oracle readings. I believe I knew her in some way during a past life. Of course, my question is, did I? Also, can you explain why I always see her in a forest and near an ancient stone circle or church? I am certain that they did not have this kind of setting in the biblical stories. I am confused. Can you shine some light on this for me?