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Akashic Answers: Connect with Your Cosmic Roots

Akashic Answers: Connect with Your Cosmic Roots Amanda Romania

I know many people reading this connect to the stars above. We sometimes forget that they affect us, just as the Moon does. I have found that certain star systems and planets can show a deep connection in our akashic records.

I recently did a workshop on past lives and was taken to a bitterly cold, dark place energetically. The word that came to mind was "hostage," and I knew I did not belong there. I feel totally connected to the realms of angels. In a recent psychic reading, the reader mentioned "the red planet," which I think is Mars. I'm wondering whether clarity can be found in my akashic records and what I can do with this information.

— Bob, Toronto

From Amanda: When I tuned in to your akashic records, I saw many lives in which your energy field was moving with cosmic forces for change and balance. Your original life force appears to be connected through the planet Venus, and your aura has a beautiful golden-rose light.