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You Always Know Unconditional Love

You Always Know Unconditional Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I am one with all life forms that comprise the Earth on which you reside. I am one with the Creator of All That Is, as are you, but many of you have forgotten what this means. What does it mean to those of you who so valiantly agreed to live in a time that seems so tumultuous yet offers so many beautiful opportunities for humankind? You are loved unconditionally.

Many of you are losing heart. You see energies rising that have held you captive to the idea that you must fight against each other to survive. You see the continuation of the divisions and thought forms that have kept you from trusting each other. Sometimes it is necessary for the ugly and controlling to come to the forefront of consciousness so that the masses can see how it has enslaved all of you. Now is such a time.

Many of you are exhausted. For lifetimes, you have fought against these denser energies that have sought to enslave the human race through the archaic idea that you must give your power away to be safe. You lament that the darkness and controlling ideas of fear seem to be rising once again. It creates a deep, internal fear as you see the lies and controlling ideas seem to take root and grow stronger across the globe. On a very deep level, you exclaim, “Not again!”