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Wounds of a Nation

Wounds of a Nation The Akashic Records through Renee Rowe

Many of you have noticed in your personal lives the discomfort and sometimes overwhelming emotions arising within you. This is a great time of healing for humanity. It’s your choice each day to acknowledge and embrace what is coming to the surface to be felt. You all carry wounds, parts of yourselves that have been hurt. You’ve spent much time avoiding these parts, but they are what connect you on this journey.

Learn to bring attention to the parts of you that yearn for love and nourishment, exposing the depths of your vulnerabilities, so that you can heal. The wounds of the nation are being brought to the surface, and they are reflections of the healing process of humanity. This is a beautiful time of coming together to support one another as you all understand in your own ways the pain each carries inside. These emotions arise to the surface to be felt, and by feeling them, healing occurs.

What comes up for you is your own process, and that is to be honored. How is this honored? Take the time and space to acknowledge it, no longer avoiding parts of yourself, seeing very clearly that it has everything to do with you and what you are creating.