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Walk into the Light

Walk into the Light The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

What is the final outcome of our genetic universe, and how will the enlightened New Earth mastery play out for me? When can I beam myself, or walk into the light, and take my body with me?

You can gauge where you are with your self in this step-by-step final review, master. How aware are you that the only place you really live is inside your consciousness? How much of yourself do you still beam into external realities outside your light field, your heart consciousness, or your bioship? This determines how conscious you are as your own creator.

When you cocreated this universe, your consciousness stepped down energy into space, time, and matter to reflect its imagination and to grow in experiences of love. You have lived inside the old Earth consciousness and in Earth’s beautiful garden that you helped create to reflect on all your creations. Now you’re ready to grow more love. So you created, as your only reality, your new heart Earth home in a biocellular love sphere inside your consciousness. What you mastered in the old Earth universe of single cells to create life and love lives on to regenerate in new multiple cells in your heart’s light field gardens. Your New Earths are the only planets ever in the cosmos to master such love and where a spirit can animate itself in any form or fabric of life made out of organic quantum-essence love.