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Unified Spiritual Awareness

Unified Spiritual Awareness Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the winds of change are blowing strongly within your inner and outer worlds, and you often feel you are being tumbled about by fate. You are being bombarded with so much new information that your bodies and brains are in overload. Everything is changing so rapidly in your world that you can no longer depend on what was considered to be the norm, and there is such a plethora of new information that it is difficult to know what to believe. Old concepts are being updated, and the philosophies of the Eastern and Western worlds are blending. Higher and expanded truths are presented for your learning as humanity strives to become spiritual adults and to master their destinies.

There are many paths to en-lighten-ment and many variations and levels of the truth; however, the universal laws and Creator truth are immutable. There are essential truths in every religion, and if you strip away the dogma, human-made superstitions, and limitations, you will find they contain more similarities than differences. Instead of criticizing or condemning the beliefs of others, would it not be better to seek a common ground of understanding? The majority of humanity does not have a clue about the origins or major beliefs of other religions, yet there is condemnation of all beliefs that are different. The core cause of all the wars of the past and that are presently raging around the world are based on conflicting religious beliefs. How sad and futile! There can be no winners. Everyone loses in the rage and fury for supremacy that is rampant on Earth.

I have asked my messenger to research and give you a synopsis of some of the similarities and differences between the Eastern and the Western worldviews as well as an overview of the major religions of the world, past and present. It is important that you understand the customs and beliefs of your brothers and sisters around the world if you are to move forward on the path of reunification and harmony.