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Tools for Living Spiritual Mastery

Tools for Living Spiritual Mastery Almine

What is the difference between stress and the beneficial tension necessary for growth?

Stress is the antagonist to the spiritual quest for enlightenment. It arises as a direct result of a person’s resistance to life. It captures people in the inexorably linear movement of the passage of time. Living a life of surrendering to the unfolding challenges and events presented by the environment establishes a still point of power in a person. Instead of a shallow life caught in the currents of time, such a person has authentic, deep, and meaningful responses to all areas of life. This benefits all involved with such a one, who is called a master because of his or her masterful responses to life. A master responds to life; a fool reacts.

Among the concepts associated with reducing stress are the following:

  • A certain amount of tension is needed to prevent the debilitating effects of stagnation.
  • Tension comes from turning the unknown into the known through experience, which produces virility and growth.
  • Stress comes from resisting life and repressing un-recapitulated experiences.