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The Rewards of Awakening

The Rewards of Awakening Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Many want the awakening to be their reward for going inward. They only want the good of that awakening to be their space. For what you do well within this illusion, you believe that you deserve something good, some type of reward.

Going inward and acknowledging your truth, you want to believe that the awakening provides you with a buffer — a get-out-of-pain card — that somehow all awakened ones have all the joys of your illusions. Thus, many gravitate to the awakening process, for they are tired of making their will be done. They acknowledge that if they just put their will into manifesting their hearts’ desires, they might not be able to eternally hold or feel the permanence of their achievements.

Many process an awakening to some degree from this idea of lack — of tiring in conflict and of many remorseful decisions. The belief that you must be at that bottom of not loving yourself to go into an awakening is again an idea that wants awakening to be given all rewards and not the healing of the mazes or the smoke and mirrors of duality. In duality, all that is before you is temporary.