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A Pinnacle of Transformation

A Pinnacle of Transformation Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

As in all dramatic changes that life takes, there are times to be subtle and times to be obvious. You are all growing and changing from the inside out. Because of this, you are realizing that you can no longer sit back and let things fall where they may. Life is asking you to take notice of what is going on around you because all humanity has played a part in how human life is now showing up. Complacency will not help you move through the chaos, destruction, and deception that are trying to smother the love of the Creative Force.

Many of you can’t believe the amount of destruction and dysfunction that appears to be devouring everything that gives life beauty and purpose on your planet, a planet that serves as your home away from Home. Realize that earthly life has reached a very transformational pinnacle that cannot be ignored. It’s time to decide which way humanity will go. One way is peace, love, and life; the other is chaos, destruction, and death. There is no judgment as to which you choose because right and wrong are just made-up perceptions of the human mind that create an energetic pathway to follow. It’s borrowed energy from the ceaseless stream of creative energy that flows through everything and everyone. With free will, each of you can determine just how smooth or how bumpy and difficult you want your human path to be so that you learn what you want to learn and experience on a human physical level of the mind or on the human soul level of the mind, or both.

Humanity and Earth are at a crossroads, and it’s time to decide whether you want to manifest and express as a human ego being, a spiritual human being, or a spiritual being. There is no wrong choice because whatever you choose will be the one for you, or you will choose differently.