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Live with Purpose

Live with Purpose Ampara through Star Hinman

This message comes from a sacred place of great beauty and enlightenment. It is the dimorphous place where earthly life fades into infinity, spirit takes flight from physical form, and our souls are set free from the bounds of physical reality and its many limitations. As our souls soar into the unknown, we expand in consciousness to meet the Divine. These messages come from that place and the immense wisdom contained there.

Know this, dear ones: The soul is infinite, but its time on Earth in physical form is measured in days, hours, minutes, and the precious seconds that are allotted to each of you for your journey on this Earth. We in the spiritual realms notice that you often lose sight of this as the daily routines and obligations of your lives press in on you, consuming your attention so that you do not feel with your heart what the soul is calling you to do. These are the things that are truly valuable and have meaning for you to accomplish.

Listen to the heart and soul. Feel with the entire being, and access this great wisdom to guide your life and give it meaning. Time is short. The hours are fleeting, and each day is numbered! Live with the wisdom of this truth not in fear but with a purpose driven by this knowledge. Keep your eyes forever on the goal your soul has set for you, and you will accomplish all things. Love the physical body, and give it loving care, listening to the great wisdom contained within.