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Harness the Energy of Truth

Harness the Energy of Truth Archangel Michael through Jill Harrison

Greetings, beloved ones. My role as protector of humanity requires me to guard all things created on the Earth plane. In my role, I lend my energies to protect and strengthen those who align themselves to truth. For those who lean toward untruth, I work to reveal the need for truth in all things. I hold the authority to dissolve fear, falsehoods, and injustice.

I speak to you today to help you understand the power of the angelic realm. Although we are promoted as soft entities, we are first and foremost responsible for ensuring that God’s divine will is done. In the angelic realm are guardians of the creative life force energy. We are here to help purify and cleanse the Earth plane of negativity, fear, and oppression. The legions of angels who work with me work not only on soul evolution but within the corporate world too. We lend energies to support and protect where something is created for the greater good.

I hold great affection for humanity. This is why my energies are lent to you when you are in need of understanding your inner authority and power. It is also my charge to help you harness your inner power for the greater good rather than for destructive forces. I ensure that divine law is put into action in the physical world. Those who believe in me and acknowledge the presence of God are open to channels that transmute negativity and promote manifestation. As well as protection, I provide support for personal development on the inner plains. Humans are often programmed to focus on the outer world and the outer self. More gravitas is given to the image than the substance. I work closely with those who seek to perfect themselves and to become embodiments of love and service to others. I help them transmute the physical worldly challenges that stand in their way.