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Expect Change in Power

Expect Change in Power Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

For the first few days of April 2017, Venus is in retrograde motion in late Aries and moves into Pisces on April 4 until April 14, 2017, before going direct. This signals a time for new heart energies and passions and when love or fear choices will be made once and for all time in this 3D space-time continuum. This choosing and its depth of commitment will determine much of who and what will be drawn into your life during the rest of 2017 and well beyond.

This is a time of free will to learn lessons with ease or stress, fear or love, and hope or despair. None is better than the others. They all are viable paths for discovering truth, and the design is to allow all to have a say in their destiny experiences. All will arrive at the same place. In the end, the route is all that is left to choice. Choose wisely for your own soul growth. Coerce none.

When the shift into Pisces takes place April 4 through 14, wisdom suggests you will discover ways to be present in creating a bridge between the past and future so that wise decisions can be made regarding what from the past is still viable, what must be transformed, and what is better let go. A broader future vision of possibilities that lead to paths of greater pleasure, love, and joy can be gleaned when that which has become limitation, fear, or a stumbling block is voluntarily removed.