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Earth-Healing Stones, Crystals, and Minerals

Earth-Healing Stones, Crystals, and Minerals All There Is through, Was through, All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Many things are happening on Earth now. Source wishes, as always, for us to be prepared for what is to come. Therefore, Source has sent forth the following for our mental and spiritual consumption to heal portions of our planet.

What shall we say of stones, crystals, and minerals? They are literally a world in and of themselves. All have metaphysical properties. We did and do, throughout your entire human history on Earth, funnel information about them to alchemists. We gave information about the seven metals and the spiritual being. They are also related to the seven (there’s that number again) systems of the human body. All have light and dark, for light and dark are in and on all portions of your planet. Some have been attached to certain intrinsic values, and people have even killed each other to attain them. Know that all of them understand their relative place on your planet and what comes with it.

Each stone or crystal has a spirit attached to it. Yes, stone and crystals are alive and vibrant. They are of a high vibration and are here to assist your world. Those of you who love the stones, crystals, and minerals of your planet were once spirits attached them.