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Claim Your Dominion

Claim Your Dominion The Cosmic Essene through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones of many worlds, we are delighted to be here at this time of abundant healing. So often we are with you. So often you heal through myriad ways that are perhaps unbeknownst to the will of the form in body that calls forward this healing. At one with your divine eternal self and your majestic form that carries your eternal presence, we connect with so many organs, hearts, and energies that are unified through a golden upward spiral of recognition.

Deep within this eternal connection, through the manifestation of the planetary thought body and the alignments of the form with this energy, we notice what you term resistance. This is known in your world as the energy of doubt. Truly, this is a blessing of visible healing! The collective healing of your world is the recognition that you are at the great moment of releasing all doubt.

Doubt is held as a gift. It is a way to embrace love. It is a way to move forward. It is a profound healer. As your heart relaxes into experiencing this truth, you remember that when you doubt, you offer yourself a moment of presence. Your eternal presence remembers that when you doubt, you are present with yourself. It is this presence that opens the ascended healing portal, offering a release of doubt.