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Challenging All Humanity: Unite

Challenging All Humanity: Unite Time Master through Robert Shapiro

All right. This is an issue that has built up to almost its most extreme point. What is going on here is an urgent need for the people of Earth to start thinking and acting like global citizens. For a long time, it’s been hard for people to act even in families, such as the Smith family or the Jones family, and so on. In short, what’s going on now is that the people of Earth are being pushed, poked, and prodded into discovering the advantages of completely working together. It’s been working a bit in the business community, but even that has been affected, and businesses are competing sometimes in ways that are terrible — such as staging accidents to get what they want, no matter who they affect or how badly. I won’t give examples, but all over the world, those of you reading this can think of examples you know about.

That’s what this is entirely about. The reason things seem to be so strange and distorted — and this really all started about fifty to sixty years ago — is that everyone needs to start thinking and acting in a unified manner. Some countries are able to do this. People set their egos and their ambitions aside, all of that, and work together as one. Otherwise, people crash and bang their way through life whether as individual human beings or in small groups or large corporations. “So what if others suffer?” Earth will not allow that kind of attitude.

I’m not here to threaten you; I’m here to tell you this is what’s going on now. You cannot do certain things that are pursuits of wealth regardless of the effects on other people or Earth. So that’s the issue. Now, you could say you’re on a negative timeline or a distorted timeline, but that’s not really it. You’re on the same timeline you were on before, and that’s the one you need to be on to recognize the problem.