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Breaking Change

Breaking Change Lynn Buess

It seems that every new leader starts a regime with promises of change. Well, by choice or chance, this is a time of pronounced change. Will it be one of mayhem or amen? Will the planet’s collective human inclination toward natural and scripted dysfunction rule over a collective human potential for benign distinction? Those who talk of paradigm shifts will experience plenty of examples.

Will our new president play his best Trump card? Aside from his diplomatically challenged style and belligerent stubbornness, will we see what or who he truly represents? The numbers suggest that during this time, his behavior will reveal to us a much more definitive answer about this headstrong leader. This is a time when things break through, break out, or break apart

The long-ignored recognition of increased Fukushima radiation cannot be contained much longer and will start to hit the mainstream news. The contamination of the Pacific Ocean and West Coast of the United States that started a week after the Fukushima earthquake is disturbing. After all the rain on the West Coast comes a likely “shake and quake.”