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Book Excerpt: Simply Profound!

Book Excerpt: Simply Profound! Andrea Butje

Two of the most popular reasons people use essential oils is for relaxation and balance. It seems that every day researchers discover new evidence that stress is harmful for your body and well-being. When you’re stressed or upset, your body doesn’t rest, digest, or rejuvenate as easily. Your ability to bounce back can be slowed down.

Tension can begin in a variety of ways. It can start physically, mentally, or emotionally, and then it will radiate out to affect the rest of you. For example, if you have a difficult day at work and have to stay late, you might have a headache that evening. How did the experience of your tough day translate to head pain that night? Your body took on your mental and emotional stress. In this case, your body might be saying, “We need to have more time off!”

The opposite is true too. Tension that starts in your body can contribute to tension in your heart and mind. If you injure a tendon in your leg, the discomfort can make you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or afraid. On top of the pain, you can’t go about your life with as much ease as you once did, so a difficult day at work will be even more of a challenge. That can add more layers to your stress.