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Awaken Your Natural Capacity for Self-Love

Awaken Your Natural Capacity for Self-Love Venus Beings through Natalie Glasson

We, the Venus Beings, come forth as one to share our essence and truth with you. We are always honored to be in your presence and to recognize the truth your essence embodies. We now bring forth the second phase of the anchoring and integration of Venus energy with Mother Earth.

In 2016 you, humanity, and Mother Earth embodied, accepted, and recognized a deepening presence of love within yourselves and in the world around you. Many of you worked with our energy because you wished to exist in a reality of love and for all to experience the same. Your compassion for humanity and Mother Earth is immense, and it is why you are on Earth at this time: to experience the Venus ascension shifts as well as many other ascension activations that are constantly taking place as the vibrations of all accelerate.

Your natural ability to be compassionate to those around you and your wish to help and be of service at an energetic or physical level indicate that your heart chakra is constantly opening. You are a conduit of light and love, and you hold the skills to support others’ ascensions on Earth.