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Active Compassion Is Brought through the Sacred Masculine

Active Compassion Is Brought through the Sacred Masculine Archangel Michael with Songs from the Hathor Atamir through Norma Gentile

The profane, nonsacred masculine stands momentarily triumphant, inviting you to rise into a newly emerging expression of your Sacred Masculine nature. To successfully move through this phase of releasing polarity (lasting until about 2036, you need to fully engage with all that surrounds you. This is a time of exploration. Humanity has chosen to physically experience the sacred face of the masculine to more fully comprehend how your reality’s polarity is meant to function.

The initial part of this process is uncomfortable. First, you have chosen to define the profane or nonsacred masculine that already exists in your world. As these profane aspects are revealed within you, they are visible in your world and vice versa. You are clearly in this phase of the process now. As you engage and comprehend how the nonsacred masculine has served you, those energies, including old guides and angels, will be free to depart. And you will naturally turn your attention to gaze on your emerging qualities of the Sacred Masculine.

For nearly a millennium, you have been inviting the Divine Feminine to awaken and create a chalice into which the Sacred Masculine can be poured. Although external events seem to indicate otherwise, you have now entered the time of receiving the true Sacred Masculine. What better way to understand the Sacred Masculine than to first recognize the profane, nonsacred masculine?