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You Are Awake

You Are Awake The Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

There are those of my children who have gone forth from the heart of my being and are now incarnate upon Earth, and it is to you that I speak these words. This earthly living has been changing and in truth is about to change more than you have experienced. I am not speaking of horrific events. Neither am I speaking of wars or the effects of war-like energies. You might say that what I am about to speak of is most important. Even though there might be an intellectual debate about what is important, still I say, this is important. Hear my words.

Your Emergence

There comes upon Earth the frequencies and activation of those encodings that Earth has held within her being, waiting for those matching frequencies to occur within the inhabitants upon her. You, my dear children, hold those frequencies. As you have been awakening, the encodings within the very cellular structure of who you are have been activating and aligning themselves. You have felt this alignment of being, and in response, you have changed.

You have been able to release your previous way of understanding yourself and your purposes. You have listened to your innermost being and begun to discern something wonderful, something magical, and something powerful. You have begun to recognize the truth of who you really are. It is within this truth that you have begun to emerge to your own self.