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A Walk with Quan Yin

A Walk with Quan Yin Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

You are invited to walk down a pathway of white, smooth stones. With each step, you are encouraged to release your doubts, worries, sadness, and anxiety. The pathway brings you to a white trellis covered in roses, and standing under the trellis is Quan Yin, dressed in a pale pink kimono. She greets you with her palms extended to the sky, and you are most welcome here. The goddess of mercy and compassion shows you the way.

As you enter your garden, I ask you to notice a huge stone covered in moss set deep in the loam of Mother Earth. This stone represents your connection to Mother Earth, your first mother and cosmic mother.

I encourage you to take some time to pause here. Sit awhile and contemplate the strength of this stone. Consider how long it has stood in this place. The stone is a symbol of the ancient energy of strength and support that is offered to you from Mother Earth. Your mother is here for you — strong, solid, and patient — waiting for you to pause in your day to connect and feel her love.