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Wake Up from the Illusions

Wake Up from the Illusions Donna Taylor

Anyone who has been lost in the wilderness wondering what they were put here for will know how deeply distressing that search for purpose can be. It’s my belief that we all have a purpose, and April invites us to step further on the path that we were destined to tread. However, there are pitfalls we need to be aware of. The danger we’re in now, under the square from Saturn and Neptune, is that we’re very prone to illusion and believing what we want to believe even though it may be wrong. This state of affairs is perfectly illustrated in Star Trek: Generations. Captain Picard travels to a place called Nexus to try to find Captain Kirk and enlist his help on a very important mission, one that would save thousands of lives. But Kirk is trapped in Nexus because it allows him to live out his perfect fantasy, which he completely believes to be real. Picard nearly falls into the same trap, but he senses that something isn’t right and quickly comes to realize that this blissful illusion is keeping him from his important mission. He prompts Kirk to recognize the fantasy, and eventually both men agree that it is more important to make a difference than to stay comfortable in a dream state.

This describes the seductive allure and the potential rewards of the Saturn-Neptune square, which gets tighter this month and is also accompanied by a retrograde Mars and Jupiter. Now is the time when we must wake up from the illusions we’ve created for ourselves so that we can live more meaningful lives. Our first opportunity to wake up with crystal clear vision is around April 7 when we get a Uranian new moon in Aries that is incredibly invigorating, electrifying, and bursting with dynamic energy. If there’s something you want to do, now is the time when you’ll be able to surge forward. It may help to write down the personal illusions you lose chunks of time engaged in so you can stop them from derailing the manifestation of your purpose.

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