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Victory Comes through the Power of Love

Victory Comes through the Power of Love Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Exponential change is occurring for those of you on Earth, though many of you are unaware of the progress that is being made! You are shifting; you are changing at the deepest levels within you, as you realign to the North Star of your being. Your inner compass, the soul’s guidance system, is even now realigning to a higher form and plan. Delete the old patterns and plans from your guidance system. Do not mindlessly repeat old mistakes and remain within the disempowering and restrictive rut of routine and all that is familiar and known.

The unknown has become your friend, and that is what is both leading and propelling you forward toward your greater good. Great things, great opportunities, are coming for all of you now. You no longer need to remain in the prison of the lower-vibrational energies of fear, distrust of self, and pain. Realize what you know and have learned in the years since 2012 — in the energies of the New Earth — and put this to good use.

The new golden age of peace awaits you. It beckons from a distance, but it rapidly approaches! Are you ready? Are you prepared for the new, higher frequency energies that will transform your creative process from one that previously required years of labor to realize minimal progress into a very quick experience of manifestation? Are you awake and aware of the new energies of change that are sweeping your planet?