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Shamanic Wisdom: Cut the Cords of Negative Energy

Shamanic Wisdom: Cut the Cords of Negative Energy Jan Engels-Smith

Human beings are energy systems having a physical experience. Our energy systems are complex and reach far from the body, surrounding it in fields of energy. These fields are called auras, subtle body fields, or electromagnetic fields depending on which discipline you follow — metaphysics or science.

The fields of energy extend up to several feet from the body. There are also energy fields inside the body, which are called chakras. Chakras are more like broadcasting towers and feed the subtle body fields around us. My point in describing this is to help readers understand that energy is the dominant part of our makeup and a major component of our emotional stability, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness.

Our energy is not static but rather extremely fluid. It can be lost, hijacked, contaminated, or stolen. It can also be refueled, ignited, heightened, attuned, and returned. Healthy energy field and energy system maintenance is a major necessity for good health.