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Practice Humanness to Change the World with Love

Practice Humanness to Change the World with Love The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. After much difficulty, we found our way through to you. Let us greet you in this new energy, for you have been stepping through a challenge.

On planet Earth, there has been much compression, and many things that have demanded your attention have taken your focus from where you wish it to be. We tell you, dear ones, there are so many standing in their power and making their voices heard for perhaps the first time in these sacred times. This unique junction of time and space offers an opportunity for you to make a significant difference. That is the message that we wish to bring to you.

The challenge is to step into your light, lean toward your focus, and help to change planet Earth during these shifts. All of you knew the changes were coming. Many of you believed that it was all going to happen within a matter of twenty-four hours, and then you would wake up the next day and everything would be perfect. You have stepped into the new energy, but it has literally caused a fragmentation of your energy and security. It has shifted the stabilization that you have built your lives on. As a result, many people are acting out. If they feel they cannot be heard and there is no place for their energy, they act out until they make sure that someone notices. Often they even take many lives in the process.