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Mother Earth Is Ready

Mother Earth Is Ready The Elemental Goddesses through Karinna Nielsen

We are the Elemental Goddesses — Pele, Isis, Mariah, and Gaia — representing the elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. We are an evolutionary weave of love, guided by the light of creation, working together to hold a balance on your planet.

In our humble Goddess light, we feel and respond to the shifting energies in order to maintain a balance of love in your world. Where humanity has chosen to upset the balance, we are ever present to restore the balance of creation for Mother Earth. In this way, we are one in balanced love. On planets with evolutionary societies such as yours, our presence is felt even more strongly when the prevailing dimensional reality is shifting.

Shift to a
Higher Frequency of Love

It is a time of great love in your world, though many will not agree. Some will say that there are fearful things happening, yet we ask you to shift your focus into love. You start. You begin. Begin with yourself, your own life and friends and family. Then extend that further to people you meet on the street and in your communities. Be in love, and you will see it reflected all around you.