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The Magic of the Flower of Life

The Magic of the Flower of Life The Andromedans through Natalie Glasson

The flower of life is an ancient sacred geometry symbol and template delivered to humanity from the universe of the Creator. This symbol was given to humanity as a reminder of its inner plane existence and oneness with the Creator. The template of light reminds humanity of the eternal peace and love among all beings as well as the presence of the Creator within all. Meditating, gazing on, or imagining the flower of life can bring forth this message and much inspiration to awaken your God/Creator remembrance, which is the innocence and truth of your being.

The flower of life symbol and energetic template has always been shared among civilizations on the inner planes. However, we Andromedans are bringing forth an awakening instigated by the power of this symbol for those on Earth and the inner planes. We wish to awaken further the energies of peace, love, and unity within all to create a boost in the presence of the Creator.

We have accessed the flower of life that exists within the core energy of our consciousness as a civilization to bring forth a template born from our unity with the Creator. All souls, whether on Earth or the inner planes, hold the flower of life energetic template and symbol within their energy and being. We wish to activate this into manifestation.