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Longing for the Temple Life

Longing for the Temple Life Sanat Kumara through Carolyn Holtgrewe

My beloved children, this is Sanat Kumara, and I wish to speak to you about the yearning that we see you holding deep within your hearts, that longing to return to the temples of the past and once again experience the level of support you enjoyed while performing your service to your fellow humans. You have been through much stress, pain, and suffering as you have moved through your earthly sojourns.

Many of you precious lightworkers are feeling unsupported by the physical world into which you have incarnated. We know you sometimes feel abandoned and often discouraged. We observe you wondering how, in a materialistic, financially driven world, you can stay on the path and earn your living from a public that is willing to spend great sums on external material things but little on the inner garments, the clothing of the soul. They appear to care more for what goes into their bellies than what is put into their hearts and minds.

We know many of you have been struggling greatly with this issue of financial support. Thus, you long to return to the temples of yesteryear in Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and the land of the Maya, where you were loved and honored for your service. It was a protected environment within the temple where you were taken care of, supported, fed, clothed, nurtured, and esteemed instead of viewed as weird or even ridiculed for your beliefs and your service.