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Living with the Rules versus by the Rules

Living with the Rules versus by the Rules Watchers through Helenita Ziegler

Spring is here. Its arrival is out of your control. Other channels have tried to explain how to deal with control: let go of it, turn it over to some higher power, cut the cord, whatever. You try. Again and again you make the process like work, as you have been shown you’re supposed to do. You are still trying to play by the rules as you have done for eons. Now the journey has taken another path. It is about existing with the rules. Let us describe the various personality types and how they interact with rules:

•People who are sticklers for an action either according to or against the rules. They see no gray, only black and white.

•People, usually those you would label mavericks, who see regulations as loose guidelines that they change to fit whatever situation they find themselves. They wouldn’t even pretend to fight by any rules as they were set down. They make their own rules.

•People who use the rules, similar to the power of steam that drives a locomotive engine. Like riding a dragon, they feel as if they are guiding some living, breathing beast only achieved by utilizing the muscle from following the rules. They are different from the type one personality in that they utilize bragging, bullying, and boasting. Of course they see themselves as better than others.