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The God Code

The God Code Lord Sananda through Judith K. Moore

Life on Earth emerged from the pure divinity of the sacred source of eternal creation, immortal creation. In every particle of life, there is a lightbeing force. Within every particle of life, there is a consciousness — the force — the life-giving force of totality.

Earth itself is a womb of life. Humanity emerged as primordial beings of light in the time of origins. Earth and all human species carry the blueprint of creation, and within the very essence of the conscious human, there is a vital link to the DNA of creation.

All species of plants and living beings on Earth are part of the blueprint for the living Earth, and each one has a specific code that creates a pattern of light. Each one of these precious beings of the plant and animal kingdoms are part of an aspect of the God force.

The DNA of Creation

The original human being carried the entire blueprint, the DNA of creation. This is the God code. Originally, human beings had a direct link with the illumination of creation, and through energy synergism, they created diversity of geometric forms that expressed the devotion for divine oneness and thus engaged in the creative force of the power of the universe and the consciousness of eternal oneness.