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Five Energetic Categories of Humanity

Five Energetic Categories of Humanity Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Life on Earth can be filled with challenges. It can also be full with purpose. Yet many today ask, “What is my purpose? Who am I at my core?” It is often difficult in this day of relentless media imagery and skewed information to know yourself well or at all. Many messages arrive to your senses seeking to draw your attention, and many promise some form of happiness or fulfillment. Few if any can deliver on that promise in any meaningful way.

The world’s society was not always like this. In the past, humans were often clearly able to define themselves and the role they played in earthly existence. The society you live in today is an anomaly in the history of humanity. Soon, within the next one hundred years, there will be a strong return to a simpler way of life. Until then, we offer you a path to finding your pure core energy.

In an energetic way, there are five general categories of human beings. Being aware of this can grant you insight into who you are and what your smoothest and most beneficial path through your current incarnation may be. It is timely to revisit this information first presented in Harmonic Coalescence: The Future of Humanity. We offer additional insights here of the current energetic progression of humanity. We provide this information with the understanding that there are no strict boundaries between these types of humans. These concepts simply represent strengths within each of you. You may fall into one of these categories quite easily. If you have always been attracted to the qualities of one of these paths, that is an indication of who you are at a fundamental energetic level. If you have not followed that path, it is never too late to begin.