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Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. It is our belief that the next step in the evolution of humanity is to obtain fifth-dimensional consciousness. We can look at the evolution of the human species and see that during many different crises, adaptations and changes were made in the genetic structure and the manifestation of the physical body on Earth. These changes were necessary for humanity’s survival on Earth. Now humanity is again at a point of a crisis of great magnitude. The change necessary for humanity to survive and evolve to a better place requires a specific, directed shift and expansion of consciousness. Humanity now exhibits a narrow consciousness.

Consciousness is very difficult to describe. It is something that everybody can recognize when they are aware of it. A simple and modified definition of consciousness is awareness and self-awareness. The evolution or expansion of fifth-dimensional consciousness means that the human being can become aware of the existence and the energy of the fifth dimension and the thoughts and vibrations there. In fact, communications continually stream from the fifth dimension to the third dimension. Fifth-dimensional consciousness is a heightened state that is part of your inherent genetic structure, and it affects all four bodies it exists on: the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. To ascend, one must have fifth-dimensional consciousness.

The Emotional Body

I will begin talking about the emotions in the emotional body. It is said that to enter the fifth dimension, you have to refine and move your emotional body to a higher plane. For example, jealousy, hatred, and violence are not fifth dimensional. Those people who are experiencing the lower vibrations, or the lower emotional feelings, will not be able to enter the fifth dimension. You cannot bring those emotions into the fifth dimension. To enter the fifth dimension, you have to be at a higher vibration — one in which you experience love, unity, and acceptance. This means that those who act out of hatred and commit terroristic acts are not allowed into the fifth dimension. Their emotional bodies are not refined enough.