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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Accept Your Victory

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Accept Your Victory Maria Yraceburu

Well, no matter how it looks, life rises to the occasion. Our quest is over, we are safe, and we will step forward. It is good to be alive. Now, let us go forward and redeem our reward.

April Prayers

Faith, shima’biih: (Aunty Deer) Trust that whatever happens is exactly what we need.

nohwini’daku naki: Here are our minds (Rainbow Serpent), and the balancing point is respect. This restores harmony. We listen to the messages and grow.

nohwini’bijii hada’didl: Here are our hearts (Thunder Beings). We live with authenticity. We reclaim our power, joy, and self-esteem.

nohwaa dasidé’ihíí gotáh esonkñhsendehí ida’ii eo’to’to: Our family, we give life to Changing Mother. Grandmother Bear, we support our body mutation. This speaks volumes to our level of consciousness.